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BCM is a space meant for empowering Black/Brown Creatives to express themselves and make connections in a fun, open space. We advocate for those in the black and brown community.
Our banner extends to all artists of color; Black, Asian, Latinx, Native, Islander, and everything in between.

Ask about our Discord and follow our social media to connect with us!

Founded by Celeste Cottrell @theactualcel
Moderated by @applewifey, @buffberrie, @bnicole_lewis, @FoolBrew


Is Black Card Members for the black community only?

Not at all! While BCM is founded by the black community we are are open to the Black, Asian, Latinx, Native, Islander communities and everything in between! Our reasoning for this is that a lot of people are not just Black. We have plenty of mixed folx here who have more than one identity or also struggle with prejudice and colorism in their own communities. Our goal for having a diverse BIPOC community is to grow and learn from one another. There's a lot that we can gain from having a multicultural community.

Why call it Black Card Members then?

The term Black Card is not in reference to giving someone a pass on Black culture, but rather it is a type of extremely exclusive card that is almost solely reserved for the ultra-wealthy, but in our case the Black and Brown community. We’re wealthy in that melanin and culture!

Black and Brown? How does that include others who are fairer skinned but not Caucasian?

How we use the term brown is in reference to people who are brown by pigment and also different facial structures that show they're clearly from different backgrounds. This rule was made for a lot of members who know they are people of color but do not hold a lot of pigment such as people who are: Black (mixed, lighter skinned, or have vitiligo), East/South-East Asian, Latin, and others. These people still hold strong levels of diversity that we accept within our community.

I'm not BIPOC, can I still support Black Card Members?

Of course you can! Supporting our community shows that you care about this community. You can support us by following our social media or even donating to our Ko-Fi page!

What is the Ko-Fi used for?

Our Ko-Fi page is used to community funds. We boost our server, commission artists for emotes, and even have giveaways! Absolutely none of the money is used for any personal use.

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